Commercial Aeroponics


CUBIX is a high-efficiency aeroponic growing system, adaptable to residential, retail, restaurant and commercial farming applications. CUBIX is the only truly vertical aeroponic system.


CUBIX was designed and tested in commercial use with local indoor farms.  The crops are handled on 4'x4' "screens", that are made "hot swap-able" by our quick release frame connections. These patented screens can be customized and stacked as high as your project can contain. Our standard single unit has two screens on each side. That is over 64 square feet of growing surface in just 12 square feet of floor space.  Now empower your cubics, go 4 screens high and double that.


CUBIX can be tailored to fit any space and 

grow most any crop.  


At the heart of our patent is the clog-free, air atomized nozzles that deliver the perfect nutrient mist every time.  That means less maintenance, more grow time and increased yields.



How do you increase yields in the same space?


It's easy. Use CUBIX!

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